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Here you can find downloadable information relating to GIFTS and links to relevant information on diabetes and diabetes prevention.



 48-month Report

36-month Report

18-month Report

 4. GIFTS newsletter Jan 2016 enlightened(new!)

 3. GIFTS newsletter Nov 2014

 2. GIFTS newsletter Apr 2014

1. GIFTS newsletter Dec 2012 


Information Sheets



 Patient information sheet pregnant women ENG

 Patient information sheet pregnant women BENGALI

 Patient Information sheet fathers ENG

 Patient information sheet fathers BENGALI


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other material

 Obtaining informed consent

 Taking blood pressure measurement

 Adult anthropometry


 Newborn anthropometry

 Buccal smear collection

 Cord blood and placenta collection



 Introduction to GIFTS
Update GIFTS project 2015

World Diabetes Day Campaign 2014 

Links to related projects and other relevant material

SICA projects

 SICA projects leaflet

Other related projects

 Early Nutrition 

Other relevant information

 GIFTS website at the European Commission
 FP7 Projects
 Beyond Birth Weight: Measuring Early Life Health Conditions Past, Present and Future
 British Nutrition Fundation Task Force report on Nutrition and development and consequences for long term health
 Diabetes Prevention Network

 Diabetes Research Network
 Diabetes UK
 Global Diabetes Survey

 International Diabetes Federation
 The NCD Alliance

 World Mapper

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